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Siem Reap Travel Guide

Siem Reap Travel Guide Leighton Travels.

Kulen Mountain, Siem Reap Travel Guide.

My ultimate travel guide to Siem Reap dates backs to October 2015 when I first arrived in Cambodia to take up an English teaching job at a so-called international school. Professionally speaking, it was one of the most chaotic experiences of my TEFL career. And believe me, I’ve certainly taught at my fair share of dodgy schools!

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It’s a pity I had to leave as early as I did, because I found Siem Reap to be a vibrant, up-and-coming place full of invention and spirit. The locals here are really friendly and they have an infectious positivity. In fact, their whole attitude seems to stand in defiance of their country’s dark history.

The ultimate travel guide Siem Reap.

Coconut Alley, Siem Reap.

As the gateway to the stunning Temples of Angkor, this western-friendly city is one of the most visited in Asia. Moreover, there’s a sizeable expat community who’ve done much to contribute to its growth. 

Dragon boat races Bon Om Touk Water Festival

Bon Om Touk Water Festival.

As a result, Siem Reap boasts a glut of inventive cafes, restaurants and bars, along with some of the best value accommodation in Asia. No wonder I decided to return in 2020 for an extended period of exploring and blogging.

This time I made sure to give Siem Reap the royal Leighton Travels treatment, with an exhaustive overview of what to see and do, where to eat and drink and where to stay. 

Travel Guide Siem Reap

Marum Restaurant, Siem Reap.

So trust in me when I tell you there is way more to this cool city than simply its proximity to The Angkor Temples. For the ultimate Siem Reap travel guide, have a leaf through my articles on:

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Foster Apartments

Suon Angkor Boutique Hotel

Apsara Greenland Boutique Hotel

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