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Visit Guangxi.

Visit Guangxi China.

Visit Guangxi: Hiking Billian Peak in Yangshuo.

If you’re coming to China and your priority is unspoilt natural beauty, you could do a lot worse than Guangxi in the south of the country bordering Vietnam.

Guangxi China map.

Visit Guangxi:

This autonomous region is an outdoor lover’s paradise. A region packed with some of China’s most beautiful mountains, rivers, forests, national parks, waterfalls and rice terraces.

Visit Guangxi Seven Stars Park in Guilin

Visit Guangxi: Seven Stars Park in Guilin.

My own Guangxi adventure came back in May 2010 at the tail end of a cross-country tour. Time was limited, so I had to make do with just under a week to take in a handful of Guangxi’s stunning highlights.


It began with a few days in the picture perfect city of Guilin. Then it was onto the impossibly idyllic county of Yangshuo, a dream location of lush karst peaks, vast paddy fields and emerald waters.  

Visit Guangxi Autonomous Region in China

Visit Guangxi: Rafting on the Yulong River in Yangshuo.

My Yangshuo days played out happily with an eventful flow of hiking, cycling and bamboo rafting. Heck, there was even time to get hands-on with the local cuisine via a private cooking class.

Private cooking class Yangshuo China.

Visit Guangxi: a private cooking class at Cloud 9 Restaurant in Yangshuo.

Moreover, it’s impossible not to smile when I think of Yao Village, where I got to meet China’s incredible long-haired ladies.

The Long Hair Ladies of Yao.

Visit Guangxi: Huangluo Yao Village.

And of the misty, moody views from Ping’an Village at the very peak of Longsheng County’s world famous rice terraces.

Visit Guangxi Ping'an Village.

Visit Guangxi: Ping’an Village.

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