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Kampot Travel Guide

Kampot Cambodia.

Kampot Travel Guide.

I first came to the sleepy city of Kampot in December 2015. My travel buddy Wonderboy and I were at the end of a two-week cross-country trip around Cambodia. Sadly, we had just a few days to spare.  Hence there was only time for a few highlights, including a visit to Bokor National Park and a cruise down the pretty Kampot River.

Bokor National Park Kampot Cambodia

Kampot Travel Guide: Bokor National Park.

I certainly never thought I’d go back to Kampot. But it’s funny how life turns out. In 2020 I returned to Cambodia, where my girlfriend Sladja and I spent seven eventful months in Siem Reap. Having written a detailed travel guide to the city and its surrounding sights, we decided a change of scenery was in order.

The Kampot River Cambodia.

Kampot Travel Guide: The Praek Tuek Chhu River.

We wanted somewhere sleepy, a place where we could continue to write and teach at our own pace. Kampot definitely ticked that particular box. Moreover, it has an interesting food and drink scene, along with plenty of fascinating, off-the-beaten-track sights. For the full story of our seven week stay in this underrated corner of Cambodia, dive into my articles on:

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