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Visit Ho Chi Minh

Visit Ho Chi Minh.

Visit Ho Chi Minh.

My great Vietnam adventure of 2018 culminated in the monster city of Ho Chi Minh. Slowly but surely, I’d made my way south along the country’s stunning coastline. Now, I had just under a week to round off what had been a highly memorable trip. 

I’d read that HCM was, in many respects, a tough place to love. And it didn’t take me long to see that it definitely lacked the charm of Hanoi. The sleepiness, if you will, of Dong Hoi and the incredible beauty of Hoi An.

Visit Ho Chi Minh Bui Vien Street.

Visit Ho Chi Minh: Bui Vien Street.

Moreover, Ho Chi Minh’s relentless noise, crowds and traffic served up an unwelcome contrast to the lazy beaches and pristine vistas of my previous base, Cham Island.

Nevertheless, I’m glad I didn’t skip the city. After all, it is home to some of Vietnam’s most essential war sights. Furthermore, one can seek out stunning French colonial architecture. And gain access to some of the best and most competitively priced dental treatment in the world.

Reunification Palace Ho Chi Minh.

Reunification Palace.

What’s more, Ho Chi Minh is the perfect base from which to explore the fascinating Mekong Delta region. An absorbing maze of rural river villages, swamps and islands.

Thus I can have no regrets about my adventures in this colossal metropolis. To find out more, why not visit Ho Chi Minh with my articles on:

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& my roundup of choice spots from across the city.

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