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Visit The Czech Republic

The Czech Republic Flag.

Visit The Czech Republic.

My only visits to The Czech Republic both played out in its wondrous capital city. My first experience came back in December 2002 when a bunch of my teaching buddies and I took a train over from Bratislava.

It turned out to be a raucous weekend of sightseeing and alcohol-fuelled misadventures. We event lost a couple of people taking the train back to Slovakia.

Crossing Charles Bridge Prague.

Charles Bridge, Prague. Visit The Czech Republic.

My second visit here was in February 2012. This trip turned out to be an equally wintry but far more intimate and cultured affair. Moreover, I even got the added bonus of a reunion with an old school friend.


Beautiful Prague.

For the full lowdown on my adventures in this vibrant capital city, have a look at my article on:

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