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Visit China

Visit China Dafen Oil Painting Village.

Visit China: Dafen Oil Painting Village, Shenzhen.

My love affair with China began in the summer of 2009 when I came to the country for the first time as a wide-eyed twenty something. That first spell of English language teaching in Beijing was an incredible experience. Moreover, the time I spent on the road exploring the country served up some of my best ever travel memories.

Visit China The Summer Palace in Beijing.

Visit China: The Summer Palace, Beijing.

I ended up doing two years in the Chinese capital. Let’s make no bones about it, living and working in China was one of the most challenging experiences of my life. In fact, I’d say you haven’t fully understood the term culture shock until you come here.

Face mask for the pollution in Beijing.

A bad air day in Beijing. Rocking the face mask vibe long before COVID.

Nevertheless, if you put in the time and effort and learn to take setbacks with good humour, China can be one of the most rewarding places on earth to work and travel.

Visit China the ancient city walls of Pingyao

Visit China: The ancient city walls of Pingyao.

In 2017 I took on another teaching job in China, this time in the wildcard location of Ruian in Zhejiang Province. It was during this two year period that I made a much larger dent in the country, visiting countless cities, towns and villages.

Visit China Wenxing Bridge in Taishun County

Visit China: Wenxing Bridge, Taishun County.

I was even lucky enough to make it to some isolated regions that few foreigners get to see. As a result, I now have a vast library of travel articles to share. To find out more, why not visit China through my travel reports on:

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I’ve also penned a series of short stories about my first year living in the country:

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Visit China.

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