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Visit Singapore

Visit Singapore.

Visit Singapore.

In May 2015 I found myself at the end of a thirty day trip around Thailand. I’d had an amazing time in The Land of Smiles and really didn’t want to move on.

However, the visa gods insisted I leave the country before they’d grant me another thirty days. Thus I hopped on a plane to Singapore and gave myself a week to explore the world’s only city island nation.

Cool Spots Around Singapore.

Visit Singapore: Haji Lane.

I’ve met plenty of travellers who did not fall for the charms of Singapore. In truth, some of their complaints are fair.

If you’re not careful, a trip here can get crazy expensive. Especially with large chunks of the city dedicated to high end boutique shopping. Moreover, the food and drink scene often feels too snooty for its own good.

Visit Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Nevertheless, I discovered that it’s easy to avoid these traps. Just give the malls a miss. Furthermore, stick to delicious, affordable street food at the hawker centres. Above all, embrace Singapore’s gorgeous public green spaces, most of which are free!

In fact, from the hiking routes of The Southern Ridges to the stunning Botanic Gardens, Singapore has become known as “the lungs of Asia!”

Hiking The Southern Ridges Singapore.

Visit Singapore: The Southern Ridges.

Consequently, I find myself disagreeing with the critics. For the full story on my adventures here, why not visit Singapore through my travel reports on:

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Singapore Botanic Gardens

The Southern Ridges

and my choice spots from across the city.

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