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Visit Belgrade

Visit Belgrade Kalemegdan Fortress.

Visit Belgrade: Kalemegdan Fortress.

For Sladja and I, it all began with my visit to Belgrade. The under appreciated Serbian capital I knew little about when I first arrived back in the summer of 2019. Over a wonderful, action-packed fortnight, we cemented our relationship with near forensic explorations of the city and its many sights.

Pioneers Park.

Visit Belgrade: Pioneers Park.

It was one of those epic summers that will long live in the memory. Every day, with the sun on our backs, we set out on foot and just walked and walked until it felt like our legs might drop off. With Sladja as my guide and interpreter, I learned all about Serbian history and culture. In fact, I’m not sure we could have stuffed any more into each day.

Visit Belgrade St Mark's Cathedral.

Visit Belgrade: St. Mark’s Church.

As amazing as my visit to Belgrade was, I never imagined that we’d one day live there. However, like most people we didn’t see the pandemic coming and eventually it forced us to temporarily abandon our plans of nomadic life.

Visit Serbia with Leighton Travels.

Visit Belgrade.

Luckily, Belgrade was one of very few places we could stay together long term until the worst of the pandemic fizzled out. Living in the Serbian capital was, of course, a whole other kettle of fish to my brief stay a year earlier.

Monument to the Defenders of Belgrade in New Cemetery

Visit Belgrade: New Cemetery.

Nevertheless, we were able to go even deeper into the city. We tracked down its historic sculptures, ticked off parks and forests, toured the cemeteries and photographed as much of the urban street art as we could lay our lenses on.

Street art in Belgrade Dragan Nikolic and Milena Dravic

Visit Belgrade: Mural of Dragan Nikolic and Milena Dravic on Nevesinjska Street.

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Visit Belgrade.

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