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Visit Cambridgeshire

King's Bridge on the River Cam Cambridge.

Visit Cambridgeshire: King’s Bridge on the River Cam.

The English county of Cambridgeshire is a gorgeous region in the East of England. Trumpeted by poets and authors, the county is home to rolling green countryside, charming waterways, tiny one horse villages and lively market towns. 

“The green tape grass rooted in the soft mud
Sways leisurely in the water.
I am willing to be such a waterweed
In the gentle flow of the River Cam”. 

Xu Zhi Mo: Taking Leave of Cambridge.

Market Square from the top of Great St. Mary's Church Cambridge.

Visit Cambridgeshire. Market Square, Cambridge.

Moreover, at the centre of it all, you’ve got the incredible city of Cambridge itself. A place world famous for its prestigious university and stunning churches and chapels. In fact, a visit here certainly feels like stepping back in time.


Cambridgeshire Coat of Arms Things to see and do Cambridgeshire.

Visit Cambridgeshire.

I have many great memories of Cambridgeshire from my annual visits in the early to mid 2000s. However, it wasn’t until May 2019 that I eventually got round to giving it the proper Leighton Travels treatment.

The Royal Oak Pub Barrington Cambridgeshire.

Visit Cambridgeshire: The picture perfect village of Barrington.

Hence I’m delighted to finally publish a series of travel articles from one of my favourite parts of England. For the full story of my adventures here, why not dive into my pieces on:

Barrington Village


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