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Visit Amsterdam

Vondelpark Visit Amsterdam.

Visit Amsterdam: Vondelpark.

From all the cities I have called home these past twenty five years, Amsterdam might just be my favourite. After all, this is where I landed the job of my dreams. And where I bought my first (and to date last) home.

Visit Amsterdam.

However, it was also in the Dutch capital that I experienced the most difficult period of my life. When my marriage broke down, I ended up losing the house, before walking away from the job and everything I thought my life was going to be.

Personal woes aside, I look back on my Amsterdam adventures with a lot of fondness and nostalgia. Indeed those amazing canal streets truly are as picture perfect as they seem in photographs and videos. 

Herengracht Visit Amsterdam.

Visit Amsterdam: Herengracht Canal.

Moreover, it’s impossible not to be charmed by the vibrant market districts of Waterlooplein and Albert Cuyp.  Elsewhere, there are world class museums on Van Gogh, Rembrandt and Anne Frank. 

Waterlooplein Visit Amsterdam.

Visit Amsterdam: Herengracht.

And that’s just scratching the surface. To read more about my three years in Amsterdam, have a look at my article:

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