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What To See and Do in Kampot

What to see and do Kampot.

La Plantation: What To See and Do in Kampot.

The Cambodian city of Kampot is one of the sleepiest places I’ve ever been to. In fact, it’s more like a village than a provincial capital. As such, it’s the perfect base from which to take a step back and start living life at your own pace.

Sladja and I arrived in September 2020 for a two month change of scenery, following a remarkable seven month adventure in Siem Reap. For the most part our remit was simple. To blog full time, keep our teaching schedules ticking along and stay the **** away from COVID.

What to See and Do Kampot Cambodia.

Bokor National Park: What To See and Do in Kampot.

Nevertheless, we managed to extensively explore Kampot and the surrounding region. At first glance you could be forgiven for thinking there isn’t much to see and do. However, we discovered more than enough to keep us busy during our eight week stay.

We spent a day traversing one of the world’s most fascinating national parks. We hung out at a mind blowing spa complex, toured an incredibly picturesque pepper farm and crossed one of Cambodia’s most historical bridges.

River gazing at Nibi Spa Kampot.

Nibi Spa: What To See and Do in Kampot.

Moreover, Kampot has a charming old town, a curious cave temple, an abandoned Chinese school, a lotus pond park, salt fields, fishing villages, a secret lake and more.

This is the most in-depth guide to Kampot on the internet. Find out what to see and do in Kampot with my articles on:

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