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Visit Seoul

Cool Spots Around Seoul.

Visit Seoul.

In February 2015 I spent a fantastic week exploring the South Korean capital. It was one of those trips that got thrown together at the last moment, a wonderful aligning of the stars that was just meant to be. I had been planning to visit Tokyo, but everything was against me. Time, flights, costs, you name it. 

When a colleague of mine suggested I stay with a friend of his in Seoul, I knew it was an amazing opportunity I couldn’t turn down.

Visit Seoul Gongdeok Market.

Visit Seoul: Gongdeok Market.

It’s always a challenge writing up these old trips, before Leighton Travels was even a glint in my eyes. Piecing together my movements from a patchy collection of photos. Adding detail via my scribbled notes and muddy memory.

Nevertheless, putting this modest collection of articles together has been nothing less than cathartic. I went hiking up Seoul’s mystical mountain, Ingwansan. I toured one of the city’s grand palaces, ate like a king at the food markets and pampered myself at a renowned spa complex.

The Blue House Seoul.

Hazy views of The Blue House from Ingwansan Mountain.

Moreover, there were historical statues, trendy music bars, karaoke, a collection of war vehicles and a curious Nostalgia Museum. I certainly did my best to get around. For all the lowdown on my visit to Seoul, dive into my travel articles on:

Changdeokgung Palace

Ingwansan Mountain

& my roundup of choice spots from across the city

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