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Visit Tooting Bec

Visit Tooting Bec London.

Visit Tooting Bec.

When people ask me where I’m from I always answer with a resounding “London”. Because… well…. that’s where I’m from. For those who are familiar with London, the next question is always “Oh really, whereabouts?” I’m actually from Hammersmith, but in recent years I’ve had to literally stop myself from saying Tooting Bec.

Tooting Bec Underground Station London.

Visit Tooting Bec.

This needs some explaining. Back in September 2015 I found myself at a loose end after a period of work and travel in northern Spain. As if by magic, my old friend Henry got in touch to say that I could stay at his place in Tooting Bec. 

Elmbourne Road Tooting Bec London.

Visit Tooting Bec: Elmbourne Road.

I ended up staying with Henry for a month. For me it was a wonderful period of creativity and stability. I explored the neighbourhood and developed the blog.  Moreover, Henry and I wiled away many an evening working on an EP of songs in his home studio. Eventually, I picked up a new teaching job and off I went to sunny Cambodia

Tooting Market London.

Visit Tooting Bec.

Since then it’s become something of a tradition for me to stay with Henry whenever I’m back in London. Thus I now know the area like the back of my hand. I have explored the local coffee scene at great length and spent hours jogging around pretty Tooting Bec Common.

Visit Tooting Bec Common London.

Visit Tooting Bec: The Common.

I’ve also toured the Indian restaurants and investigated the markets. I love how authentic the neighbourhood feels. It is wonderfully green, multicultural and vibrant, unburdened by the absence of major attractions and tourists.

Hence it’s my pleasure to share my adventures in this special corner of London. For the full story, why not visit Tooting Bec with my articles on:

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