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Visit Galashiels

Meigle Circular walking route Galashiels Scotland.

Visit Galashiels: The Meigle Circular.

In May 2019 I found myself making a particularly interesting return to The Scottish Borders. Because, for the first time in sixteen years, I was coming to see my parents in a new Scottish home.

This wasn’t my first visit to Galashiels. My sister got married here in March 2008 and I’d occasionally come for shopping expeditions back when my folks lived in the nearby market town of Kelso.

Robert Coltart Coulters Candy statue Galashiels Scotland.

Visit Galashiels: The Coulters Candy Statue.

However, this time I’d finally be able to take the time to explore and see what the town has to offer. Accompanied by my dad and the Thomas family dog River, I took in a bunch of excellent hiking routes.

The natural landscapes in The Scottish Borders rarely disappoint and Galashiels is certainly no different. Moreover, I dug out a couple of beautiful churches and spent some time in its small but charming town centre.

Hello Galashiels Charity Shop The Scottish Borders.

Visit Galashiels.

Hopefully, you’ll be as charmed by Gala as I am. For more on my time here, why not visit Galashiels through my travel articles on:

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