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Visit Fujian Province

Visit Fujian Province Qingyuan Mountain.

Visit Fujian Province: Qingyuan Mountain, Quanzhou.

Located in southeastern China, Fujian Province is yet another fascinating region of the country I’ve been lucky enough to explore. There is a whole host of unique sights here, more often than not set among stunning landscapes.

Fujian Province China map.

Visit Fujian Province.

And yet, it’s rare to see Fujian pop up on any best of China lists. As a result, this is a great region from which to uncover some of the country’s hidden gems.

Based in neighbouring Zhejiang Province for two years, I found myself perfectly placed for several expeditions out to Fujian. On my first foray I spent some memorable days exploring the gorgeous city of Xiamen, a British treaty port between 1842 and 1912.

Visit Fujian Province the city of Xiamen.

Visit Fujian Province: Dingyuanzi Road in Xiamen.

I also made it out to nearby Gulangyu, a stunning UNESCO World Heritage island home to secluded beaches, historic statues and Opium War era colonial villas. 

Visit Fujian Province Gulangyu Island.

Visit Fujian Province: Gulangyu Island.

On a later trip, with my old friend Wonderboy, I took in the largely ignored city of Quanzhou. Home to a magnificent Taoist mountain, China’s oldest Arab mosque and the spectacularly carved Guandi Temple.  

Visit Fujian Province Guandi Temple in Quanzhou

Visit Fujian Province: Guandi Temple in Quanzhou.

Furthermore, on the outskirts of the city, we spent an unforgettable couple of hours observing the old women of Xunpu Fishing Village shelling oysters

Visit Fujian Province Xunpu Oyster Fishing Village

Visit Fujian Province: Xunpu Oyster Fishing Village.

Finally, and perhaps even most memorable of all, we took a taxi out to the isolated outpost of Chongwu, a humdrum town in Hui’an County. There, we toured the exceptional Chongwu Stone Arts Expo Park with its amazing collection of statues and sculptures.

Chongwu Stone Art Sculpture Park.

Chongwu Stone Arts Expo Park.

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