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Visit Biscay

Visit Biscay San Sebastian.

Visit Biscay: San Sebastián.

In the summer of 2015 I spent six weeks living and travelling in the north of Spain. It was a wonderful trip and, looking back, one I wish I’d extended. Alas I was too impatient in those days and keen to move onto other projects.

Visit Biscay Spain.

Visit Biscay.

Among the many highlights of that summer adventure, I’ll always remember beautiful Biscay province, with its rugged coastline and enchanting waters.

First, I spent a few days exploring the handsome city of Bilbao, where I was charmed by the local art scene. Moreover, I got to see a certain Lionel Messi in the flesh, after picking up a ticket to see Athletic Bilbao play Barcelona.

Visit Biscay Bilbao.

Visit Biscay: Bilbao.

I also hung out in the impossibly gorgeous city of San Sebastián. The kind of place where you have to keep stopping just to catch your breath.

Visit San Sebastian.

Visit Biscay: San Sebastián.

I’d definitely like to see more of Biscay province one of these years. Until then, here are my travel reports from:


San Sebastián

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