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Visit London

Baker Street London March 2004 Things to see and do London.

Visit London.

Although I was born in London in the balmy summer of 1978, my family moved out to rural Buckinghamshire when I was a young child. And that was that, we never looked back. 

I eventually lived all over the UK, only really making it back to the capital for sporadic visits to catch up with family and friends. And of course to go and watch my beloved Queens Park Rangers. 

Kiyan Prince Foundation Stadium London Queens Park Rangers.

Visit London: Kiyan Prince Foundation Stadium.

Later, I left the UK altogether for a life travelling the world.  Every few years or so, usually in between various work contracts, I’d find myself back in Britain for a catch up.

These brief trips would always include a visit to London. To gorge on my favourite foods. Eavesdrop and perfectly comprehend the snippets of conversations I caught on the street and on The Underground. To reconnect, if you will, with a sense of lost Englishness.

Visit London red telephone box.

Visit London.

Finally, over the course of the spring, summer and autumn of 2019, I got round to doing something I’d never truly done before. Actually live in London.

It wasn’t planned, it just kind of happened. Unsure of my long term future plans, my old friend Henry in Tooting Bec offered me the chance to live at his place. “Stay as long as you want” he said, with typical Henry nonchalance.

Visit London Tooting Bec Common.

Visit London: Tooting Bec Common.

Thus it came to be that I got to know my home city like never before. I explored the parks and sought out the best curry houses. Moreover, I delved deep into the city’s rich history with visits to some of London’s most historic sights.

Lady Chapel Westminster Abbey.

Visit London: Westminster Abbey.

Furthermore, I made pilgrimages to some of the city’s hallowed music sights. And dove deep into the local coffee scene in Tooting Bec.

It’s been fun documenting these experiences here on Leighton Travels. Following years of self imposed exile, I’ve certainly enjoyed rediscovering my roots. In fact, it has inspired me to go even deeper each time I return.

David Bowie Mural.

Visit London: The David Bowie Mural.

And so I will continue to build this page with the passing of the years. For the full story on my adventures, why not visit London with my articles on:

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Westminster Bridge 

Other Very Cool Stuff:

Abbey Road

David Bowie Mural & Birth Home

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Visit London.

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