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Visit Shanghai

Visit Shanghai.

Visit Shanghai.

In the summer of 2009 I was in the midst of my first stretch of independent travel around China. During this time I spent a week exploring Shanghai. Looking through those old photos, I am reminded of a magical time taking in the city’s streets, parks and temples.

Yang's Fried Dumplings in Shanghai.

Visit Shanghai: Yang’s Fried Dumplings.

Unfortunately, my photos from that time have not aged well. It’s a long story involving a dropped storage brick and no backup. The end result being a folder of reduced quality thumbnails. However, in March 2019 I was able to make amends with another trip to this fantastic city.

Visit Shanghai wedding photos on The Bund.

Visit ShanghaI: Wedding photos on The Bund with the Pudong Skyline backdrop.

With a precious second bite of the cherry, I made sure to make the most of my visit. This time I investigated deeper, seeking out a handful of curious and quirky under-the-radar sights. In addition, of course, to some of the main draws. 

What to see and do Shanghai.

1933 Slaughterhouse.

Among the highlights, I discovered the little known stories of Shanghai’s Second World War Jews. Moreover, I saw China’s biggest and most impressive public display of propaganda art. And rolled through an amazing art commercial complex renovated from an old cattle slaughterhouse.

Visit Shanghai Propaganda Poster Art Centre

Visit Shanghai Propaganda Poster Art Centre.

Furthermore, I got to absorb the exceptional architecture of the French Concession District. And even catch one of my musical heroes in a live performance.

Shanghai's beautiful French Concession District

Visit Shanghai: A leafy lane in the French Concession district.

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Visit Shanghai.

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