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Visit Suzhou

Visit Suzhou.

Visit Suzhou.

Expat life in China can be tough, make no mistake. Anyone who’s read my short story series Challenged in China will certainly know what I’m talking about. 


Visit Suzhou.

One time of the year that is particularly challenging is Christmas. Usually, I just want to be home with the people who know me best. And to indulge in all those childhood treats that my vagabond lifestyle denies me.

Unfortunately, for Christmas 2018 I couldn’t get back to The UK. So I just did the best I could under the circumstances by booking a five-day trip away from Ruian, the nondescript Chinese city I lived in.

Visit Suzhou The Humble Administrator's Garden

Visit Suzhou: The Humble Administrator’s Garden.

After much deliberation, I opted for a visit to the highly rated city of Suzhou. Affectionately nicknamed “the Venice of China”, this buzzing metropolis is home to a major section of the country’s Grand Canal.

Visit Suzhou Leighton Travels.

Visit Suzhou. The city’s main canal running off Shantang Street.

Suzhou also has some of China’s best preserved gardens, traditional shopping streets and ancient stone bridges. In fact, it felt like there was a surprise around every corner as I negotiated the city. Indeed I had a blast drinking in the sights… indulging in the food… savouring my encounters with the locals. 

Visit Suzhou Precious Belt Bridge.

Visit Suzhou: Making friends on Precious Belt Bridge.

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