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Visit Italy

Visit Italy Campo Bandiera e Moro Square in Venice

Visit Italy: Campo Bandiera e Moro Square, Venice.

Italy is definitely a country I’d like to see more of. In fact, growing up, I always imagined one of my first great travel adventures would be a cross-country tour around the Stivale.

Visit Italy map.

Somehow, I never got round to it, though I once came very close to accepting an English teaching position in the port city of Brindisi. But fate had other ideas, you see, thus I ended up turning the school down and moving to Belgium instead.

Travel Italy

Some years later, in January 2008, I finally paid a visit to Europe’s old boot with a long weekend in Venice. The city was every bit as charming and romantic as I had anticipated. Thus I had a fantastic time touring its squares, canals, museums and pizzerias.

Visit Venice Italy Piazza San Marco.

Visit Italy: Piazza San Marco.

Moreover, I put aside half a day for a jaunt to the fascinating Burano Island. Situated in the lagoon of Venice, it is famed for its lacemaking and Venetian mask production. And of course for its gorgeous colourful houses.

Visit Italy Burano Island.

Visit Italy: Burano Island.

Naturally, I came away from that Italy trip swearing I would be back before too long. However, here I am, nearly fifteen years later, and I still haven’t done that grand Italian adventure. One of these days, dear readers, I’ll get there. Until then, check out my travel reports on:

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