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Visit Malaga

Visit Malaga in Spain.

Visit Malaga: Gibralfaro Castle.

In the spring of 2016 I was in desperate need of some stability. Perhaps it was simply a case of exhaustion, after several years running around Asia. Or maybe it was some sort of pre midlife crisis. Whatever it was, I had convinced myself that it was time to stop this nomadic lifestyle of mine and settle down.

But where to go? After some thought, I surmised I definitely wanted a place in the sun. Moreover, after so many years away from my family on the other side of the world, I figured I should live a bit closer to home.

Plaza de la Constitucion in Malaga.

Visit Malaga: Plaza de la Constitución.

Call me picky, but I also wanted history, gorgeous architecture, beaches, museums, lots of greenery and perhaps a giant castle. Throw in some of Europe’s loveliest squares, a vibrant art scene and fantastic cuisine. You could certainly be forgiven for thinking I was asking for too much!

Visit Malaga Malaga street art.

Visit Malaga: Street art mural on Plaza de la Juderia.

However, I found all that, and more, in the wonderful city of Malaga in the south of Spain. Actually, I’d never even visited Malaga before. Hence it was quite the journey of discovery when I arrived with two backpacks, one suitcase and no job or place to live.

Within a month, I’d rented a beautiful apartment in the city centre and bagged a job teaching at an English language school. And yet, as much as I loved life in Malaga, that restless spirit of mine eventually took over. Consequently, I ended up moving on after just a year. That’s me.

Malagueta Beach Malaga.

Visit Malaga: Malagueta Beach.

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