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Visit Istanbul

Visit Istanbul Suleymaniye Mosque.

Visit Istanbul: Suleymaniye Mosque.

What a fabulous city Istanbul is! Sladja and I arrived in September 2020, deep in the heart of the global pandemic. We were actually on our way to Serbia (via Singapore) from Cambodia, where a temporary residence application awaited. And yet, despite the precarious nature of the times, we found ourselves tempted into breaking the journey up with a stay in the Turkish capital.

Turkey flag.

Visit Istanbul

After all, Turkey was one of very few countries open to foreign visitors. So we figured what the heck and booked an 18-night stay. This, we guessed, would be our last chance to experience a new country before settling down in Serbia until the COVID mess significantly improved. All we had to do was enjoy it and stay away from the damn virus.

Visit Istanbul.

Visit Istanbul views across the Bosphorus

Visit Istanbul: views across the Bosphorus.

Luckily, we had an incredible time in Istanbul whist staying COVID-free. We certainly made the most of our stay, crossing off a host of spectacular mosques, palaces, cisterns, mausoleums and museums. Among the many highlights, I can’t help but smile broadly to think of our afternoon cruising The Bosphorus. Of people-watching on Galata bridge and dinner at the outstanding Pandeli Restaurant.

Visit Istanbul Cruising the Bosphorus.

Visit Istanbul: Galata Bridge.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Looking for a detailed overview of what to see and do in the Turkish capital? Then why not visit Istanbul through my travel articles on:

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Visit Istanbul

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