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2022: Home Comforts & The Midnight Plane to Georgia.

2022: Home Comforts & The Midnight Plane to Georgia. Can it really be that another year has passed? Bear with me a moment (incidental music). I have just checked my calendar and yes, it would appear another twelve months have flown by. I swear, it’s going faster and faster every year. Thus it’s time for […]

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Travel Report: Chesham, England.

Chesham, England. August 2019. The leafy English market town of Chesham in Buckinghamshire isn’t an exciting place. In fact, one might say it has very little to entice the passing traveler. While nobody could describe Chesham as the pulsating heart of England, it does occupy a special place in my heart. Because, ladies and gentlemen, Chesham was […]

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Travel Report: Old Amersham, England.

Old Amersham. August 2019. I’ve always been just a little envious of people who’ve had the same family house all their lives. That sense of safety and stability I’m guessing you get whenever you return home. Especially in a small town or village, where the changes over the decades are somewhat gradual compared to those […]

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Travel Report: The World of Beatrix Potter.

The World of Beatrix Potter, Bowness-on-Windermere, England. May 2019. There is a host of brilliant English children’s authors who inspired my love for literature as a kid. A.A. Milne… Roger Hargreaves… Roald Dahl… Robin Jarvis… to name but a few. Growing up, I was also aware of Beatrix Potter, though for reasons that escape me […]

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Lakeside and Haverthwaite Railway & Lake Windermere Cruise.

The Lakeside and Haverthwaite Railway & Windermere Lake Cruise. May 2019. My action-packed stay in Lancashire visiting Uncle D was drawing to a close. Soon, I’d be on a train humming up to Scotland for the next leg of my UK adventures. However, I simply couldn’t leave the region without dipping into Cumbria for a […]

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An Afternoon Stroll Around Morecambe, Lancashire.

An Afternoon Stroll Around Morecambe, Lancashire. May 2019. It was a wonderfully sunny afternoon in the northwest of England as I boarded the train from Lancaster to Morecambe. Just before getting on, I’d treated myself to the latest iPhone. Swish went the bank card… £1000…. and boom I’d finally gotten myself the camera I’d wanted for […]

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A Flying Visit to Warton Village, Lancashire.

A Flying Visit to Warton Village, Lancashire, England. May 2019. Uncle D and I were definitely in need of a breather. In fact, we’d been walking for hours and the prospect of a restful pint was just what we needed. After all, our efforts had seen us hike through the stunning Leighton Moss Nature Reserve. […]

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Leighton Moss & Warton Crag Nature Reserves.

Leighton Moss & Warton Crag Nature Reserves, Lancashire, England. May 2019. It was a warm afternoon as Uncle D and I set off on a hike from the village of Silverdale. Ok, it wasn’t exactly brimming with sunshine. Nor was it a proper blue sky day. But it was perfectly fine weather for getting to […]

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Travel Report: Westminster Abbey, London.

Westminster Abbey, London. May 2019. You’d be hard pushed to find a more historical place in all of England than the sublime Westminster Abbey. For this is the staggeringly beautiful gothic abbey church where kings and queens have been crowned since 1066. Where royal weddings have unfolded, including the union of Prince Albert The Duke of York […]

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Travel Report: Tower Bridge, London.

Tower Bridge, London. May 2019. I felt a mixture of awe and shame wash over me as London’s exceptional Tower Bridge came into view. Awe because, well, Tower Bridge is pretty awesome. Shame due to the fact this was the first time I’d come to see it in my life. At the not too tender […]

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