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Travel Report: The Eagle Pub, Cambridge.

The Eagle Pub, Cambridge. May 2019. Mike and I were having a great day exploring Cambridge. It was early afternoon and we both found ourselves with rumbling stomachs and parched throats. There was no debating where we’d take lunch, it simply had to be The Eagle, one of England’s most historical watering holes! This is where I used […]

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Travel Report: Wren Library, Cambridge.

Wren Library, Cambridge. Cover photo courtesy of Andrew Dunn.  May 2019. Cambridge is a city bursting at the seams with history. People flock here from across the globe to see the likes of King’s College and Great St Mary’s Church. However, there’s an equally fascinating sight at Trinity College that seems to have slipped a little […]

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Travel Report: Great St Mary’s Church, Cambridge.

Great St Mary’s Church, Cambridge. May 2019. Another town, another pretty church. Like so many I’ve visited over the years, Great St Mary’s in Cambridge has its own unique story. Sat snugly between the University Senate House and Market Square, the crown built the church in 1205 to serve Cambridge University. As with just about […]

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Travel Report: King’s College & Chapel, Cambridge.

King’s College & Chapel, Cambridge. May 2019. Three times I came to Cambridge over the years for day trips with the English language summer camp I worked at in Woodbridge, Suffolk. Three times I arrived with a busload of excitable Belgian teenagers. Thrice the camp director kindly offered me the choice of a) accompanying the […]

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Travel Report: Barrington Village, Cambridgeshire.

May 2019. I knew I was going to like Barrington Village the moment I started reading about it in China. I’d been dreaming about regaining a sense of lost Englishness. Of treating myself to a quintessential corner of Blighty where people walk their dogs and the air is fresh and punctuated with birdsong. Where there […]

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