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Travel Report: Westminster Abbey, London.

Westminster Abbey, London. May 2019. You’d be hard pushed to find a more historical place in all of England than the sublime Westminster Abbey. For this is the staggeringly beautiful gothic abbey church where kings and queens have been crowned since 1066. Where royal weddings have unfolded, including the union of Prince Albert The Duke of York […]

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Travel Report: Parliament Square, London.

Parliament Square, London. May 2019. If you’re into historical monuments, London has got your back. According to several online articles, there are around 1500 monuments in London celebrating iconic figures from Britain and beyond. Indeed one could spend months tracking them all down, if you were so inclined. Call me lazy, but I decided to […]

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Travel Report: Tower Bridge, London.

Tower Bridge, London. May 2019. I felt a mixture of awe and shame wash over me as London’s exceptional Tower Bridge came into view. Awe because, well, Tower Bridge is pretty awesome. Shame due to the fact this was the first time I’d come to see it in my life. At the not too tender […]

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Travel Report: The Regent’s Park, London.

The Regent’s Park, London. May 2019. It was a grey afternoon in London and the lazy wanderings of the day had led me to The Regent’s Park, one of London’s eight royal greens. As with all of London’s royal parks, there was much history to grapple with. Thus I wasted no time in grabbing a […]

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Travel Report: Hampstead Heath, London.

Hampstead Heath, London. April 2017. There are worse things one could do in London on a sunny Sunday afternoon than stroll around Hampstead Heath with an old friend. Due to my nomadic lifestyle, I only get to see my buddy Steppers every two to three years. Sometimes I go to him, with a visit to […]

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Travel Report: Greenwich Park, London.

Greenwich Park, London. April 2017. I’m all about the parks whenever I return to the English capital. After all, they’re incredibly beautiful, not to mention merciful on the old wallet. Typically, I return home after another long spell in Asia. Thus I cannot get enough of that fresh English air, even if it’s often a tad […]

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Travel Report: The David Bowie Mural, London.

The David Bowie Mural, Brixton, London. May 2019. I didn’t get into David Bowie until I was in my early thirties. In fact, I’m not sure how his unbridled brilliance escaped me. Obviously I knew who he was and had become familiar with a handful of his biggest hits. But it wasn’t until I bought […]

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Travel Report: Young Vegans Pie Shop, London.

Young Vegans Pie Shop. May 2019. I’ve always been a committed meat eater, for the most part. I do like me a bit of chicken, some crispy pork, a delicious steak, cooked medium rare if you will. When I was in Beijing I went crazy for duck, while take me to a Lebanese restaurant and […]

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Travel Report: Rock ‘n’ Roll Rescue, London.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Rescue, Camden Town, London. May 2019. One of my favourite things about Camden Town is browsing the various record shops. Back in my pre-digital nomad days I was quite the record collector. I had over a thousand albums, shelves of music books and a precious collection of programs, tickets and memorabilia from […]

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