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Travel Report: Cool Spots Around Hue, Vietnam.

Cool Spots Around Hue. April 2018. As I come to the end of another Vietnam location, it’s tricky to avoid simply repeating myself. But hey, what can I say, this was yet another wonderful chapter of my cross-country adventures. In fact, in terms of memorable places and experiences, Vietnam is the gift that keeps on […]

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Mausoleum of Emperor Tu Duc, Vietnam.

Mausoleum of Emperor Tu Duc. Hue, Vietnam. April 2018. The city of Hue really is a goldmine for those looking to wade deep into Vietnam’s historical waters. At the very least most visitors spend a half day exploring The Imperial City, once home to the country’s Nguyen emperors. If that doesn’t quite quench the thirst, […]

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Travel Report: The National School, Hue, Vietnam.

The National School, Hue, Vietnam. April 2018. It was my second full day in the Vietnamese city of Hue and I was felling a little run down. By this point I’d been on the road for several weeks. And my legs were feeling the effects of the previous day’s efforts exploring the majestic remains of […]

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Travel Report: The Imperial City, Hue, Vietnam.

The Imperial City, Hue, Vietnam. April 2018. Following my adventures in Hanoi, Cat Ba Island, Halong Bay, Dong Hoi and Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, I finally arrived in the pretty river town of Hue. Home, among other delights, to Vietnam’s wondrous Imperial City. As one of the country’s historical highlights, I couldn’t wait to […]

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Paradise Cave & Phong Nha Cave, Vietnam.

Paradise Cave & Phong Nha Cave, Vietnam. April 2018. After a few relaxing days in the understated outpost of Dong Hoi, it was time for my much-anticipated day trip to Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park. Home to tropical forests, underground rivers, UNESCO caves and Asia’s oldest karst mountains, I could have easily based myself here for […]

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Travel Report: Dong Hoi, Vietnam.

Dong Hoi, Vietnam. April 2018. When on a cross country adventure, I always love stopping for a few days in some nowhere town deemed unworthy by the masses. In fact, these off-the-beaten path locales often throw up some of my favourite travel memories. The Vietnamese coastal city of Dong Hoi isn’t exactly off the chart. […]

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Travel Report: Halong Bay Cruise, Vietnam.

Halong Bay Cruise, Vietnam. April 2018. Cat Ba Island had served up an amazing four days of adventure. In fact, with its pretty harbour and beach, World War II Cannon Fort, Vietnam War Hospital Cave and stunning national park, I’d been left nonplussed by how few people actually bother to go there.  Now, at the […]

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Travel Report: Cool Spots Around Hanoi.

Cool Spots Around Hanoi. April 2018. Thanks to everyone who’s taken the time to read my eight feature length articles from the Vietnamese capital. Now, wrapping the series up, here’s the best of the rest with some Cool Spots Around Hanoi. If you’ve only got time for one of Hanoi’s three lakes, it simply has […]

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Travel Report: Hanoi Train Street.

Hanoi Train Street. April 2018. I was starting to think that I would never find Hanoi Train Street. With no official listing on any online map app, I’d been relying on written directions from a blog article. Directions that turned out be… if I’m charitable… patchy. And so unfolded a frustrating hour of walking around […]

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