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Colchester High Street What to see and do Colchester.

Colchester High Street, May 2019.

“What the hell is there to do in Colchester?” a friend of mine asked me with the king of all arched eyebrows. I had no answer to this question and actually it didn’t matter, because the sole purpose of my trip was not for the sights but to see my wonderful grandma, Nanny Powell. She’s my only living grandparent and I hadn’t seen her in years, so to Colchester I came armed with my suitcase, backpack and a rose plant gift picked up from M&S.

What to see and do Colchester Travel guide Colchester.

Colchester, May 2019.

But catching up with my nan didn’t stop me from adding Colchester to the Leighton Literature archives. As for my friend’s question, the answer can be found in my travel reports on:

Colchester Castle Museum

Colchester Castle Park

Firstsite Art Gallery

Hollytrees Museum

St. Botolph’s Priory

& my hand-picked spots from across town 

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