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Travel Report: Beijian Bridge, Taishun County.

Beijian Bridge Taishun County. November 2017. Located in Sixi Town, Beijian Bridge is one of Taishun County’s most picturesque spots. Initially camouflaged by a stupendous one thousand year old camphor tree, you’ll need to make your way to the start of the lake’s stepping-stones before the bridge fully reveals itself. Perched eleven meters above water […]

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Travel Report: Bao Family Ancestral Hall, Taishun County.

November 2017. “Where are we going next?” I asked, more than a little intrigued by the Magical Mystery Tour feel of the day. “Bao Family Ancestral Hall” replied Amy, running her finger across the little map we’d picked up from the hotel. “IF I can find it”.  We’d just finished checking out the atmospheric Nanyang Bridge […]

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Travel Report: Cool Spots Around Ningbo.

Cool Spots Around Ningbo. August 2017. There’s no doubting what a clean, handsome and highly walkable city Ningbo is. Wherever you find yourself in the centre, it won’t be too long until you catch sight of the soaring Drum Tower poking above the trees and low-rise buildings. Dating back to the Tang Dynasty, this is the […]

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Travel Report: Zhongshan Square, Ningbo.

Zhongshan Square, Ningbo. August 2017. We were walking down the atmospheric Gongyuan Lu shopping street when I saw the entrance gates to a leafy square at the end of the road. Strolling in, we suddenly found ourselves among a hundred or so local pensioners. The atmosphere was joyous, with live traditional Chinese music drifting across the clustered […]

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Travel Report: Tianyi Square, Ningbo.

August 2017. Are you into branded clothing, luxury accessories and being followed around by over-attentive sales clerks desperate for your money? Then no doubt Tianyi Square will be pushing for top spot on your Ningbo to-do list! Honestly I was considering skipping this commercial square altogether. But then it just kinda turned up on the way […]

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Travel Report: Tianfeng Pagoda, Ningbo.

August 2017. Any self-guided walking tour of downtown Ningbo should include a stop at this cool hexagonal tower. After all, this is the city’s tallest ancient structure at 167 feet. Built in 695 during The Tang Dynasty, Tianfeng Pagoda has a long history. Seemingly destroyed and rebuilt a thousand times over, its most recent renovation […]

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Travel Report: Laowaitan, Ningbo.

Laowaitan Ningbo. August 2017. One of the many challenging things about living in an inconsequential Chinese city like Ruian is the staggeringly limited nightlife. I’m hardly much of a drinker, but you know, it’s nice to have options. There’s no such problem in Ningbo, thanks to the lively Laowaitan neighbourhood. Furthermore, this labyrinthine restaurant and […]

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Travel Report: Lishui Adventure Island Water World, China.

Lishui Adventure Island Water World. September 2018. Back during my days teaching English in the Chinese city of Ruian, the school I worked for organised a handful of annual team building events. For the most part miserable old me couldn’t be assed with these gatherings. Mostly because I’m an antisocial sod, but also because they invariably […]

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Travel Report: Jinhua Ham Museum, China.

Jinhua Ham Museum. August 2018. Ok kids, it’s quiz time! And in the interests of cutting straight to the chase, I’ll hit you with this article’s all-important question. From where did dry-cured ham originate?  It’s Spain right? Everyone knows about Spanish jamón. Not least myself, as I was lucky enough to live in the Spanish […]

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