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Bites & Gulps: Mouthwatering Moments in Istanbul.

Bites & Gulps: Mouthwatering Moments in Istanbul. September-October 2020. Well, dear readers, we have at long last arrived at my final Istanbul article. It is my 20th piece, and with today’s focus firmly on the city’s excellent food and drink scene, I hope very much to go out with a bang. So let’s get going, […]

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The Magnificent Mosques of Istanbul.

The Magnificent Mosques of Istanbul. September-October 2020. The mosques, the mosques, the mosques of Istanbul. Much like the city’s ubiquitous cats they are an ever-present feature wherever you go and whatever you do. Punctuating the skyline on both sides of The Bosphorus, these often stunning structures stand as vessels of community, faith, Turkish history and Islamic […]

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Istanbul’s Unique Cast Iron Bulgarian Church.

Istanbul’s Unusual Cast Iron Bulgarian Church. October 2020. Having crossed off a large chunk of Istanbul’s grand highlights, Sladja and I were now firmly focusing on one of our favourite travel territories. Yes, those underrated and often unique and unusual spots that tickle the curiosity. Well, our curiosity at least. We certainly hadn’t been seeking […]

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