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Travel Report: Fort William Town Centre, Scotland.

May 2019. Poor old Fort William. As a town it’s always had a bad rap. And for the most part, it only has itself to blame. I’ve always wondered why the town is so uncompromisingly grey and neglected. And why it falls so short in terms of sights, stores and general services. After all, this is […]

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Travel Report: The West Highland Museum, Scotland.

June 2019. Fort William Town Centre isn’t blessed with an abundance of sights. However, the High Street is much improved from the incredibly drab, run down place it was when I first came here in 2002. Moreover, there are a handful of charming spots worth visiting if one makes the effort to poke around. The main […]

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Travel Report: Ben Nevis Distillery, Scotland.

June 2019. They make whisky in Scotland, you know. It seems to be very popular with people. I had a glass of whisky once and it tasted like someone had shoved The Olympic Torch down my throat. I remember thinking f****, I shan’t be doing that again. Nevertheless, I couldn’t leave Ben Nevis Distillery out […]

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