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Travel Report: Drumnadrochit Village, Loch Ness.

Drumnadrochit Village Loch Ness Scotland.

Drumnadrochit Village.

July 2019. There are a whole host of picturesque little villages to choose from if one wants to bed down for a couple of nights by Loch Ness. Having done our research online, Spackles and I opted for Drumnadrochit Village, a postcard-perfect community nestled on the western shore of Scotland’s world famous loch.

Enrick Brige Drumnadrochit Scotland

Enrick, Bridge, Drumnadrochit Village.

Drumnadrochit might just be the most Scottish sounding word ever. Moreover, it’s necessary to try and roll your r’s as you say it for maximum comic effect. Actually, the village’s name comes from an old Gaelic phrase that means ridge of the bridge.

Fittingly, the town grew around an ancient stone bridge spanning The River Enrick. It’s not clear whether The Enrick Bridge visitors see today is the same one, but I like to think that it is.

Morlea Bed and Breakfast Drumnadrochit Loch Ness.

Morlea Bed & Breakfast, Drumnadrochit Village.

With its stone’s-throw location from Loch Ness, Drumnadrochit thrives with a wide selection of gorgeous hotels and bed and breakfasts. However, availability can be scarce in the height of the summer and you’ll certainly have to shop around if you’re on a budget.

In most cases you’ll get to stay in lovely 18th and 19th buildings dripping with atmosphere and history. Take Morlea Bed & Breakfast for example, with its prime spot right on the village green.

Drumnadrochit Village, Loch Ness.

Loch Ness Lodge Hotel Drumnadrochit

The Loch Ness Lodge Hotel, Drumnadrochit Village.

Should you want something a little grander, why not consider a stay at The Loch Ness Lodge Hotel. Elevated on a platform of woodland, the building dates back to 1740. Rooms offer up a mix of modern and traditional, while some have valley views.

Ardwell House B&B Drumnadrochit.

Ardwell House, Drumnadrochit Village.

Ever thrifty, Spackles and I decided to shop around before finding an excellent deal in the form of Ardwell House. You can find this modest, cosy residence through Airbnb. Moreover, it has a great location just a ten minute walk from the village green.

Ardwell House Airbnb Drumnadrochit.

Ardwell House, Drumnadrochit.

Ardwell House offers simple accommodation, but super clean with lots of thoughtful touches throughout. In fact, our bedroom was one of the coo-test I’ve seen during my Scottish travels. #sorry

Ardwell House, Drumnadrochit.

Breakfast room Ardwell House B&B Drumnadrochit.

The breakfast room at Ardwell House.

Two Polish sisters run the place and they really have gone above and beyond to make sure people have a great stay. The beds are comfy, the wifi is solid and there’s a complimentary buffet breakfast in the downstairs breakfast room running off the kitchen. Furthermore, you can go and sit in the garden if the famously temperamental Scottish weather allows.

The Lewiston Restaurant Loch Ness Inn Drumnadrochit

The Lewiston Restaurant at The Loch Ness Inn.

Another perk of staying at Ardwell House is that it’s just a short walk to the fantastic Lewiston Restaurant at The Loch Ness Inn.

The Lewiston Restaurant Drumnadrochit.

The Lewiston Restaurant, Drumnadrochit Village. 

Housed in a 160-year-old building, The Lewiston Restaurant channels an authentic olde-worlde feel. So drink in the stone walls, wooden tables, antique fixtures and framed artwork of Loch Ness and the verdant Scottish landscape.

Smoked salmon salad Loch Ness Inn Drumnadrochit.

My smoked salmon salad at The Lewiston Restaurant.

Spackles and I found ourselves mightily impressed with our dinner here. I love Scottish food and between us, we mopped up a range of delicious, freshly-prepared dishes. Including Scotch broth, haggis and a Scottish smoked salmon salad.

Loch Ness Inn Drumnadrochit.

The Brewery Bar at The Loch Ness Inn.

We also popped into the tiny Brewery Bar at the back of the inn, where a pair of grizzled locals sat in deep discussion.

“Another Guinness, Donald?”


Drum Takeaway Drumnadrochit Loch Ness

The Drum Takeaway, Drumnadrochit.

For those on a budget, or perhaps less fussed about airs and graces, I overheard a few locals swearing by the no-nonsense Drum Takeaway. This is prime guilty pleasure territory, from pies, pizza, burgers and fries, to kebabs, fried chicken, haggis and sausages. Go on, you know you want to…

Visit Nessieland Loch Ness.

Nessieland, Drumnadrochit Village.

Aside from being fed and watered, the village has a few major attractions. One of these is the somewhat kitschy Nessieland. Largely aimed at kids, this place claims to be “the only attraction that believes in the legend of Loch Ness”. 

Expect lots of models, giant soft toys, some spooky caves and an actual viewing platform out over the loch itself. After a brief investigation, Spackles and I decided our hard earned cash was better spent at the nearby Loch Ness Centre & Exhibition.

Drum Farm Courtyard Loch Ness

Drum Farm Courtyard, Drumnadrochit Village.

Much more discreet than the Loch Ness Monster sights, visitors can also take a stroll around Drum Farm Courtyard and its collection of small businesses operating out of old 19th century farmhouse buildings.

Drumnadrochit Village, Loch Ness.

Visit Drum Farm Courtyard Drumnadrochit

Drum Farm Courtyard.

The courtyard is home to a cosy cafe, a pet supplies store, a traditional sweets shop and a computer workshop that does repairs and sells various electronic gadgets. The entire courtyard is delightfully sleepy.

Fiddler's Highland Restaurant Drumnadrochit

Fiddler’s Highland Restaurant, Drumnadrochit.

Fiddler’s Highland Restaurant runs along the narrow alleyway leading to Drum Farm Courtyard. If you’re looking for “a wee dram”, this is probably your best bet thanks to their range of award-winning malt whiskies. Five times voted SLTN Whisky Bar of the year according to their website.

Urquhart & Glenmoriston Church

Urquhart & Glenmoriston Church, Drumnadrochit.

No matter where I am in the world, I seem unable to stop myself from exploring the local church. And Drumnadrochit was no different. Hence I headed right on through the open gate of Urquhart & Glenmoriston Church for a late afternoon look.

Visit Urquhart & Glenmoriston Church Drumnadrochit

Urquhart & Glenmoriston Church, Drumnadrochit.

Unfortunately, the interior was shut. Thus I made do with a brief stroll around the well-kept graveyard in the fading light. It was an appropriately gently conclusion to a laid-back couple of days in this leafy Scottish village.

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  • ourcrossings

    Your photographs are absolutely stunning and Scotland is such a beautiful place to explore and photograph. Unfortunately we had to cancel our long awaited two week road trip around the Highlands and the Isle of Skye this spring due to the coronavirus, but there’s just no way around it. Thanks for sharing, I look forward going back to Scotland once things settle down. Aiva 😊

    March 13, 2020 - 5:19 pm Reply
    • Leighton

      Hey Aiva, what a wonderful message to receive. And you’ve reminded me to check back in with your excellent blog, as I’ve been way too preoccupied recently! I hear you on the virus, it currently has me somewhat stranded in Cambodia.

      March 13, 2020 - 5:22 pm Reply
      • ourcrossings

        O no! You are stranded in Cambodia 🙈🙈 more and more flights are cancelled now and people are starting to panic, wishing you all the best 😊

        March 13, 2020 - 7:15 pm

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