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Visit Amsterdam

Things to see and do in Amsterdam

Visit Amsterdam.

Amsterdam might just be my favourite place from all the cities, towns and villages I’ve called home over the last twenty odd years. After all, this is where I landed the job of my dreams and where I bought my first home. However, it was also in the Dutch capital that I experienced the crushing low of my marriage breakdown and the end of everything I thought my life was going to be.

Herengracht canal Amsterdam.

Visit Amsterdam: Herengracht Canal.

Personal woes aside, there’s no doubting Amsterdam’s credentials as a fantastic travel destination. Those amazing canal streets really are as picture perfect as they look on TV. Furthermore, you’ve got the vibrant market districts of Waterlooplein and Albert Cuyp.  Oh, and the small matter of world class museums on Van Gogh, Rembrandt and Anne Frank. 

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Visit Vondelpark Amsterdam.

Visit Amsterdam: Vondelpark.

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