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Think of China’s premier, must-see cities and for the most part it’s Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai and perhaps even Xian, Chengdu or Hangzhou that roll off the tongue. Few people it seems find a place for under-the-radar Nanjing, despite its vast array of unique charms. It’s amazing really, because this is one of China’s major historical hotspots, a metropolis that was once the country’s ancient capital and home to Ming Dynasty emperors, as well as first republic President Dr. Sun Yat Sen. It’s also the site of an unthinkable massacre, one that is today considered the single worst atrocity to be carried out against the Chinese people.

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Nanjing from atop Zhifeng Observatory Tower.

Add to that the country’s most beautiful bookstore, the world’s 14th tallest building, a Guinness Book of Records approved river bridge, a tagline of “China’s cleanest and greenest city” and no wonder I was excited to finally be ticking Nanjing off Leighton Literature’s great to-do list. To find out exactly what I did with my precious five days here, have a leaf through my articles on:

1912 Bar District

Jumeirah Nanjing Hotel

Libraire Avant-Garde

Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall

Nanjing Youth Olympic Sports Park

Sun Yat-Sen Mausoleum

The Presidential Palace

Xiaoling Tomb of The Ming Dynasty

Yangtze River Bridge

Zifeng Tower

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