Travel Report: Hatters Hostel – Mount Pleasant, Liverpool.

Hatters Hostel Mount Pleasant Liverpool.

May 2019. I try to be as creative and interesting as possible when it comes to my accommodation reviews. But unfortunately life as a travel blogger can’t all be like my amazing stay at Park Hyatt Tokyo earlier this year. Sometimes you just have to muck in and go for the real budget stuff because […]

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Travel Report: St. Luke’s Bombed Out Church, Liverpool.

Visit St. Luke's Bombed Out Church Liverpool.

May 2019. Head onto Leighton Literature’s search bar, type in church and you’ll get a whole bunch of articles zipping up from across 30 odd countries. And yet I’m still confident that until now I haven’t blogged about anything quite like Liverpool’s amazing St. Luke’s Church, better known to visitors as The Bombed Out Church. Built […]

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Travel Report: Lake Ashi – Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, Japan.

Visit Lake Ashi Japan.

Reading from China? This travel report contains a YouTube video, which can only be viewed with a VPN! February 2019. Japan’s Lake Ashi is a stunning crater lake located in the heart of Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park. It was formed over 3000 years ago by the eruption of another volcano, Mount Hakone, which is exactly where our […]

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Travel Report: Shangdi Revisited, Beijing.

Shangdi Subway Station Beijing China

September 2018. I saw Anthony’s towering figure from all the way down the other side of the platform as I stepped off the train at Shangdi Subway Station. I couldn’t help but feel a little emotional as we hugged, after all it had been a long day of travel and it felt… just… bizarre to […]

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Guest Post: How To Do Northern Vietnam in Two Weeks by

Northern Vietnam in 2 weeks by Recommended by

It’s been a hectic week here at Leighton Literature, with daily travel reports from China to publish, the seemingly infinite reformatting of old articles and last minute preparations for my upcoming trip to Nanjing. I’m also excited to have partnered up with the brilliant travel blogger Jo and her site for LL’s first guest post! […]

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Travel Report: Luxembourg City.

Adolphe Bridge Luxembourg City

February 2008. In 2008 I was living in Brussels where I worked as a freelance English teacher at the EU institutions. My then fiancé used to make the odd trip to Luxembourg City for business, so one crisp Friday morning I cleared my teaching schedule and jumped in the car with her. The whole thing was spontaneous, […]

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Happy 1st Birthday Leighton Literature!

Happy 1st Birthday Leighton Literature travel reports, short stories, album reviews.

It’s Leighton Literature’s 1st birthday!!! Does it feel more than a little egomaniacal to wish my own website a happy birthday? Sure, but fuck it you only live once! I can’t quite believe it was a year ago today that I published my first post. Since then I’ve released thirty-two tales in My Short Stories, published […]

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The Bus Journey From Hell – a short story from India.

In March 2004 I was 25 years old. With not a care in the world, no particular place to be and zero commitments to speak of, I packed up a rucksack and headed off to India. The future lay sparkling and I thought it would last forever. “Udaipur! Udaipur! Uuuuuuudaipur!!!” With less than a minute […]

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Welcome to Leighton Literature!

travel blogging hostel Chengdu China

It feels great to finally say it! This website has been in the making for most of 2014, so it was a special moment when at long last I got to hold my breath and click publish. My first short story series, The Qatar Collection, kicks off from Sunday the 2nd of November, with future […]

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