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Travel Report: Galashiels Town Centre, Scotland.

December, 2019. The Scottish community of Galashiels is a typical Borders town in many ways. Huddled snugly between lush terraces of green farmland, it’s a pretty enough place with a handful of charming spots. Ultimately though, there is very little to see and do. Not that this is a particularly terrible thing. Younger Leighton would have been […]

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Travel Report: The Meigle Circular, Scotland.

May 2019. There are no shortages of hiking trails in and around the Scottish town of Galashiels. In fact, jump in the car from the town centre and you’ve got a dozen options within a twenty minute drive. Furthermore, my parents have access to one of the area’s prettiest walking routes right on their doorstep! […]

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Travel Report: The Torwoodlee Circular, Scotland.

The vast country estate of Torwoodlee in The Scottish Borders has belonged to the Pringle family since 1501. The Pringles are a historical clan with an illustrious lineage. Have you heard of the clothing manufacture Pringle of Scotland? That’s them! With a whopping three thousand acres at their disposal, the Pringles have generously made a big […]

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