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Opulence Abounds at Dolmabahce Palace.

Opulence Abounds at Dolmabahce Palace. October 2020. In many ways the history of Istanbul can be viewed as a tale of two palaces. As regular readers may remember, the first complex sprang up in 1459 following Sultan Mehmed II’s victory with the Fall of Constantinople. Sladja and I had a fantastic time exploring Topkapi Palace, […]

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Istanbul’s Sublime Hagia Sophia.

Istanbul’s Sublime Hagia Sophia. September 2020. I think it’s testament to Istanbul’s vast scope of fascinating sights that I’m only now getting around to writing about what is arguably the city’s most spectacular mosque. Sladja and I loved exploring the Turkish capital’s many mosques. Indeed I have already shared our experience at the stunning Suleymaniye Mosque. Moreover, I […]

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A Rummage Around Ferikoy Flea Market.

A Rummage Around Ferikoy Flea Market. September 2020. It was a warm late afternoon as Sladja and I wandered through Istanbul’s Ferikoy district. We were on our way to the nearby neighbourhood of Bomonti, a fashionable culinary hotspot where we hoped to grab dinner and drinks. I can’t say we stumbled upon Ferikoy Flea Market, […]

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On The Bosphorus in Istanbul.

On The Bosphorus in Istanbul. September-October 2020. No matter where one is and what one does in the Turkish capital, chances are you are never too far from the sparkling blue waters of The Bosphorus. Indeed this natural, seemingly omnipresent strait holds huge historic and cultural importance in Turkey. Serving as the continental boundary between […]

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The Treasures & Controversies of Chora Church

The Treasures & Controversies of Chora Church, Istanbul. October 2020. Forgive me if I am repeating myself, but Istanbul truly is a powerhouse of architecture and art. Just days into our stay, we had already seen some of the city’s artistic highlights through our visits to Süleymaniye Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Basilica Cistern and the Grand Bazaar. […]

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Delicious Delights at Pandeli Restaurant.

Delicious Delights at Pandeli Restaurant, Istanbul. October 2020 & August 2022. Turkish food is incredible. Over the course of our 18 nights in the capital Sladja and I enjoyed countless culinary thrills. In fact, towards the end of my Istanbul series I’ll be dedicating an entire post to the wonderful breakfasts, lunches, dinners and bites we […]

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Mixed Feelings at Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar.

Mixed Feelings at Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar. September 2020. When people think of Istanbul, there is invariably a handful of snapshots that spring to mind. Perhaps the bulging dome and ostentatious minarets of the Blue Mosque. The sparkling waters of the Bosphorus and the rich array of Islamic art at Topkapi Palace. Moreover, we tend to conjure […]

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A Date with History at Topkapi Palace.

A Date with History at Topkapi Palace, Istanbul . September 2020. You just know some days are going to be special the moment you step outside. This sunny afternoon in the Turkish capital was one of them. The sky an absolutely perfect and unblemished deep blue. The sun shining bright, but not too invasive. What […]

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Down in the Depths of Basilica Cistern.

Basilica Cistern, Istanbul. Cover photo courtesy of Kurmanbeck. September 2020. It was a sunny morning in Istanbul as Sladja and I strolled through the ancient Eminönü district. As arguably the city’s most historic neighbourhood there was much to see. But for now we had decided to focus on just one fascinating and curious exhibit dating […]

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Spellbound by Suleymaniye Mosque.

Suleymaniye Mosque, Istanbul. September 25th, 2020. Our journey from Cambodia to Turkey was a long one. And that’s putting it lightly. First we flew from Phnom Penh to Singapore (2 hours 5 minutes) where a grossly overpriced “special COVID rate” hotel awaited us at Changi Airport. 24 hours later (long story), we boarded an empty flight […]

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