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Category: Andalusia

Travel Report: Fuengirola, The Costa del Sol.

Fuengirola, The Costa del Sol. December 2016. After an initial flurry of Costa del Sol visits in the summer of 2016, I had admittedly forgotten about my strange travel project. Basically, I had resolved to check out the coastal region’s British-Spanish hybrid towns one by one. Chiefly to see if they really were as awful […]

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Travel Report: Torremolinos, The Costa del Sol.

Torremolinos, The Costa del Sol. July 2016. It would be an understatement to say that Torremolinos doesn’t have a great reputation. Disparaged by many as the grottiest of The Costa del Sol towns, in Britain it has the unfortunate nickname Torrid-molinos. Nevertheless, I had already resolved to give these unloved coastal towns a try. Mainly […]

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Travel Report: Benalmadena, The Costa del Sol.

Benalmadena, The Costa del Sol. June 2016. It was a scorching hot summer afternoon when I set off on what I can only describe as an excursion of curiosity. So many people had told me not to bother with The Costa del Sol. That the entire coastal strip was a tourist trap devoid of Spanish authenticity. A […]

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Travel Report: Frigiliana, Spain.

Frigiliana, Spain. October 2016. A potential visit to the south of Spain conjures up daydreams of blue skies, golden sands and mouth-watering bowls of tapas. More often than not accompanied by a glass of blood-red tinto (wine). Or in my case a cheeky caña (little beer). You might also think of pristine, whitewashed villages and towns […]

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Travel Report: El Caminito del Rey, Spain.

El Caminito del Rey. January 2017. Andalusia is a truly breathtaking region when it comes to natural landscapes. Whether out in the country or based in a village, town or city, one is never far away from stunning views. After nearly a year living in Southern Spain, I had already seen many of the region’s […]

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