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Category: Andalusia

Travel Report: Cool Spots Around Seville.

Cool Spots Around Seville. March 2017. I’ll always be grateful that I had so much time to explore Andalusia. However, if one should find themselves on a whistle stop tour, it’s hard to argue against putting Seville top of the list. Following my reports from The Alcázar, Seville Cathedral and Plaza de España, this article rounds […]

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Travel Report: Seville Cathedral, Spain.

Seville Cathedral. April 2017. “Seen one cathedral, seen ’em all!” an American tourist declared in the queue outside Seville Cathedral. Respectfully, I had to disagree. As did, I’m guessing, most people in the long line snaking around the cathedral’s gigantic exterior. While I will never be anything remotely approaching religious, I’ve always treasured my visits to the world’s […]

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Travel Report: Plaza de Espana, Seville.

Plaza de Espana, Seville. April 2017. I’ve seen some truly impressive city squares during my years of global travel. However, I can categorically state that none of them felt quite as dramatic as Plaza de España in the Spanish city of Seville. Wonderboy and I had been enjoying a leisurely stroll around María Luisa Park when, quite […]

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Travel Report: Cool Spots Around Malaga.

Cool Spots Around Malaga. 2016-2017. Breaking News! It turns out that, once again, I didn’t take enough photos during my year in Málaga. Consequently, I find myself pushed into one of my signature roundup reports. Having already published articles on The Alcazaba, Street Art in Malaga and Where to Eat and Drink, this piece collects […]

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Travel Report: Where to Eat and Drink in Malaga.

Where to Eat and Drink in Malaga. 2016-2017. The Spanish city of Málaga really has it all. Sweeping squares, a large jungle park, beaches, gorgeous architecture and a vibrant art scene to name just a few highlights. Oh, and the food ain’t bad either! In fact, in this article I’ll be going through my favourite […]

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Travel Report: Plaza de la Merced, Malaga.

Plaza de la Merced. 2016-2017. The Spanish really know how to do a city square, perhaps more than any other nation I’ve visited. In this regard, Malaga sums up the Andalusian vibe nicely, with over a dozen gorgeous squares from which one can idle away an afternoon nibbling on tapas and guzzling red wine. My […]

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