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The Spectacular Hassan II Mosque.

Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca. October 2008. Cover photo courtesy of Smartyzs. In the autumn of 2008 I had just gotten married to my first wife, S. Try as I might, I cannot recall how we settled on the idea of Morocco for our honeymoon. But I do remember insisting on spending some time in Casablanca. […]

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Sun and Serenity on Sibu Island, Malaysia.

Sibu Island, Malaysia May 2015. Do you possess a treasured travel memory that you often drift back to when you’re having a shit day? When you’re snowed under at work? Or when the neighbours are drilling again? Perhaps even in the middle of the night when you simply cannot get to sleep. For me that memory is of Sibu Island (Pulau […]

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Living the Dream at Apsara Greenland Boutique Hotel.

Apsara Greenland Boutique Hotel, Siem Reap. March-July 2020. I’ve always thought of accommodation as a somewhat peculiar and contentious aspect of travel. Some of us view the decision of where to stay as simply a place to lay our heads down after a long day’s exploring. After all, travel is chiefly about the sights, sounds, […]

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Pandemic Woes at Suon Angkor Boutique Hotel

Suon Angkor Boutique Hotel. March 2020. I’ll never forget our crazy months living in Siem Reap at the height of the COVID-19 outbreak. After a few weeks in a studio room and a couple of months based at The Foster Apartments, Sladja and I found ourselves relocating to a so-called “boutique hotel” for a two-week […]

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Life in The Foster Apartments, Siem Reap.

Foster Apartments, Siem Reap. Jan-March 2020. As you may have noticed, I have really gone all-in with my blogs on Siem Reap. I began with my guide on What to See and Do. Then came an overview of The Angkor Temples, followed by the stories behind the city’s most popular cafes and restaurants. Seriously, those of […]

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2022: Home Comforts & The Midnight Plane to Georgia.

2022: Home Comforts & The Midnight Plane to Georgia. Can it really be that another year has passed? Bear with me a moment (incidental music). I have just checked my calendar and yes, it would appear another twelve months have flown by. I swear, it’s going faster and faster every year. Thus it’s time for […]

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Snippets of Kerala, India.

Snippets of Kerala, India. April 2004. Cover photo courtesy of Augustus Binu. Ah, Kerala, the final leg of my cross-country adventures around India in 2004. Looking back, I think Allan and I were thoroughly knackered, despite the recharge we’d had on the lazy beaches of Benaulim in Goa. Thus we agreed to kick back and […]

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