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Snippets of Jaisalmer, India.

Snippets of Jaisalmer, India. March 2004. Cover photo courtesy of StoriesOfKabeera.  If the urban sprawl of Jaipur had betrayed us with its misleading Pink City tagline, we were handsomely compensated by the extraordinary Golden City of Jaisalmer. This, dear friends, was my favourite place from my cross-country jaunt around India. In fact, Jaisalmer delivered on […]

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Snippets of New Delhi, India.

Snippets of New Delhi. March 2004. Photo courtesy of Em_G. Bear with me, dear readers, since we are about to embark on a series that’s… well… a bit different. As long term visitors to these pages know, I’ve been building my travel report library for around five years now. For the most part, I’ve always tried […]

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Cool Cafes & Restaurants in Siem Reap.

Cool Cafes & Restaurants in Siem Reap. What an amazing journey it was interviewing the cafe and restaurant owners of Siem Reap. Hearing their unique backstories, eating their wonderful food, diving into South East Asia’s most underrated coffee scene. Our 12-article series is almost done, so let’s roundup the best of the rest. Here they are, […]

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A Culinary Adventure at Chanrey Tree.

Chanrey Tree Restaurant, Siem Reap. July 2020. Sharing birthdays with your other half is fun! Back in the summer of 2020 Sladja and I had our first double birthday celebrations, mine on the 8th, hers on the 9th. Among various other treats to ourselves, we decided that each of us could choose a restaurant for […]

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Inspiration & Eats at Tevy’s Place.

Tevy’s Place, Siem Reap. May 2020. When I started my Siem Reap cafes and restaurants series, I had not an inkling of the amazing stories that lay in wait. Sladja and I still feel privileged to have met so many genuinely lovely people during our stay. And of course for the opportunity to tell their stories. […]

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A Memorable Meal at Marum Restaurant.

Marum Restaurant, Siem Reap. January 2020. Like so many of Siem Reap’s wonderful cafes and restaurants, it makes me smile to think of the day we discovered Marum Restaurant. Sladja and I had just finished checking out the amazing Miniature Temples of Angkor, where we got to meet and chat with the legendary Mr. Dy […]

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1930s Vibes at Miss Wong Cocktail Bar.

Miss Wong Cocktail Bar, Siem Reap. June 2020. Sladja and I spoke with countless business owners during the making of our Siem Reap cafes and restaurants series. About their backstories and what makes SR such a special place. And, of course, about the many hardships brought on by COVID-19. Time and time again, the folk we […]

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The Little Red Fox Espresso Cafe, Siem Reap.

The Little Red Fox Espresso Cafe. May 2020. Ask me to reveal my favourite Siem Reap restaurant and I might give you a different answer on any given day. But pin me down on the subject of the city’s best coffee and there’ll be no beating around the bush. For the real deal… the bomb… the dog’s […]

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