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Once Upon a Time in Essaouria, Morocco.

Once Upon a Time in Essaouria, Morocco. October 2008. Cover photo courtesy of Klim Levene. I’m unlikely to ever forget my chaotic arrival in the Moroccan city of Essaouira. The rain started during our bus trip from Marrakesh, coming down harder and harder as the trip progressed. By the time we’d arrived the situation had deteriorated from […]

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A Brief Adventure in Setti Fatma, Morocco.

Setti Fatma, Morocco. October 2008. It was our last day in Marrakesh and I was feeling like the trip needed a change of tone. As wonderful as Morocco had been, the adventure had so far played out as a near-continuous stream of city exploring. Sure, I could’ve found plenty more to occupy our time in […]

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Once Upon a Time in Marrakesh.

Once Upon a Time in Marrakesh. October, 2008. When I look back on my adventures in Morocco, I always think of Marrakesh as the trip’s dazzling centrepiece. Everything they say about the city is true, it is nothing short of intoxicating. Indeed Marrakesh is a feast for the eyes, a place that is overflowing with […]

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Casablanca Nostalgia.

Casablanca Nostalgia. October 2008. I’m so glad I put aside some days to explore the underrated Moroccan metropolis of Casablanca. As I’ve hopefully shown in my previous articles, the city is well worth a trip. Even if one only takes a day to visit the wondrous Hassan II Mosque before enjoying dinner at the unmissable Rick’s […]

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Here’s Looking at You, Rick’s Cafe.

Here’s Looking at You, Rick’s Cafe. October 2008. I fell in love with the movie Casablanca when I first saw it as a teenager. Strangely, and quite unlike many of my favourite movies, I have often struggled to explain why I feel it’s such a magical picture. This is a bit pathetic when one considers I […]

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The Spectacular Hassan II Mosque.

Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca. October 2008. Cover photo courtesy of Smartyzs. In the autumn of 2008 I had just gotten married to my first wife, S. Try as I might, I cannot recall how we settled on the idea of Morocco for our honeymoon. But I do remember insisting on spending some time in Casablanca. […]

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