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Category: South Korea

Travel Report: Tapsa Temple, South Korea.

Tapsa Temple, South Korea. Want to get the full picture? Before reading, why not start with my article on Maisan Mountain. April 2019. I thought I’d seen it all when it came to temples. But deep in the heart of southwestern Korea sits a frankly staggering temple unlike any other. It’s called Tapsa Temple and […]

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Travel Report: Maisan Mountain, South Korea.

April 2019. Wherever you’re travelling from, getting to South Korea’s Maisan Mountain is not a straightforward affair. Especially if you’re trying to do it as a day trip. I set off from the city of Jeonju with my brother Cory and his fiancée Kaley one sunny April afternoon. The first leg of our adventure involved a […]

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Travel Report: Yongmunsa Temple, South Korea.

Yongmunsa Temple. February 2015. I got so lucky with my trip to Seoul. Firstly, I had a room for free, courtesy of Irish Andy, a friend of a friend. Then, one afternoon, a bunch of Andy’s buddies took me hiking up Ingwansan Mountain. A larger group of expats also invited me out to some city […]

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Travel Report: Cool Spots Around Seoul.

Cool Spots Around Seoul. February 2015. The South Korean capital is a fascinating city with endless opportunities for exploring. Looking back on my visit, it’s definitely a place I regret not delving deeper into. Following my individual reports on Changdeokgung Palace and Ingwansan Mountain, I round up the rest of my discoveries with some Cool […]

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Travel Report: Ingwansan Mountain, Seoul.

Ingwansan Mountain, Seoul. February 2015. One of the many highlights of my week in Seoul was an invigorating hike up Ingwangsan, a 338-meter mountain with a handful of impressive granite peaks. Situated right in the heart of the South Korean capital, a hike here results in unparalleled views of the cityscape. Moreover, unlike Seoul Tower, […]

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Travel Report: Changdeokgung Palace, Seoul.

Changdeokgung Palace, Seoul. February 2015. It was an exceptionally wintry morning as I approached the modest facade of Changdeokgung in the South Korean capital. The sky was an impenetrable sheet of grey, with a cutting bite in the air that succeeded in nipping away at my neck through my scarf.  Visitors to Seoul have no […]

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Travel Report: Daegu Gyeongbuk English Village.

April 2019. The whole point of coming to the Korean city of Daegu was for a catch up with my old friend Wonderboy. Following our travel adventures in Cambodia, China, Japan and Spain, I was excited to be adding a corner of South Korea to our explored list. Moreover, I was able to save on hotel […]

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Travel Report: Dongseongno Cafe Alley, Daegu.

Dongseongno Cafe Alley, Daegu. April 2019. Anyone who knows me understands only too well that I’m all about the coffee! It gets me going in the morning and motivates me in my endless quest to be as productive as possible. Moreover, coffee reminds me that sometimes I need to take a break, put my feet […]

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