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Travel Report: The Linga Temples, Koh Ker.

The Linga Temples, Koh Ker, Cambodia. June 2020. After the breathtaking majesty of Koh Ker’s pyramid temple at Prasat Thom, I imagine some people might be a bit disappointed by The Linga Temples. In fact, this collection of five single-chamber structures is entirely understated in comparison. Nevertheless, I was fascinated and charmed by the three […]

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Travel Report: Prasat Thom Temple, Koh Ker.

Prasat Thom Temple, Koh Ker. June 2020. When I look back on the highlights of my Cambodia adventures, I know there’ll always be a special place for Koh Ker. While we’d had an amazing time exploring The Angkor Temples, there was something about Koh Ker that appealed to my more intrepid instincts. Scattered across an isolated jungle region of northern […]

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Kampong Khleang Floating Village, Cambodia.

Kampong Khleang Floating Village, Cambodia. July 2020. There are a number of fascinating floating villages peppered around Siem Reap province. Back in my 2015 SR days,I embarked on a half day trip to Kampong Phluk, one of the most popular villages with overseas visitors. Indeed seeing the remarkable stilted houses and observing people’s traditional lives […]

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Kampong Phluk Floating Village, Cambodia.

Kampong Phluk Floating Village, Cambodia. November 2015. The fascinating floating village of Kampong Phluk lies deep in the countryside of Siem Reap Province. The village is home to around three thousand people, most of whom are fishermen. My visit to this amazing corner of Cambodia came on a day tour organised through Naga Angkor Hotel. We […]

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Bon Om Touk Water Festival, Cambodia.

Bon Om Touk Water Festival, Cambodia. November 2015. I’ve always enjoyed Siem Reap’s predominantly sleepy vibe. Even back during my first spell here I quickly learned to stay away from the frenetic Old Market and irksome Pub Street. Despite being the gateway to the world famous Angkor Temples, I never had trouble finding a lazy […]

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Travel Report: Preah Khan Temple, Cambodia.

Preah Khan Temple, Cambodia. January 2020. Angkor Wat has one of the world’s most celebrated sunrises. Bayon Temple is all about its dramatic carved faces. Ta Prohm has stupendously tangled trees and the Tomb Raider connection. Banteay Kdei boasts a wondrous location opposite Srah Srang Lake, while Banteay Srei treats you to the most intricate hand […]

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Travel Report: Banteay Srei Temple, Cambodia.

Banteay Srei Temple. January, 2020. One day, when I look back on my adventures exploring The Angkor Temples, I imagine I might reflect on which of these magnificent creations was my favourite. Even at this early stage I feel Banteay Srei could be a strong contender. Located a considerable thirty two kilometres from the centre […]

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Travel Report: Banteay Kdei Temple, Cambodia.

Banteay Kdei Temple, Cambodia. January, 2020. Back in our previous lives, long before Sladja and I knew each other, we both spent a day touring The Temples of Angkor. My visit came in November 2015, hers shortly after in January 2016. Like so many first timers in Cambodia, we didn’t venture further than the so-called […]

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Travel Report: Ta Prohm Temple, Cambodia.

Ta Prohm Temple, Cambodia. November 2015. One of the many things I liked about my first day touring Angkor’s amazing temples is that each structure we visited had a clear identity that set it apart from the others. As one of the so-called modern wonders of the world, Angkor Wat was an experience of pure […]

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Travel Report: Bayon Temple, Cambodia.

Bayon Temple, Cambodia. November 2015. A day or two spent touring Cambodia’s astounding Angkor Temples is one of South East Asia’s definitive highlights. One of Angkor’s most fascinating structures is Bayon Temple, known locally as The Temple of Faces. Having started my day tour with the incredible Angkor Wat, I was wondering if Bayon might […]

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