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Travel Report: Cool Spots Around Gibraltar.

Cool Spots Around Gibraltar. March 2017. I will always look back on my visit to Gibraltar with a lot of fondness. I arrived as a somewhat curious traveller keen to hike its famous rock and check out what Spanish Britain looked and felt like. What I found was a tiny territory that is a visual […]

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Hiking The Mediterranean Steps, Gibraltar.

The Mediterranean Steps, Gibraltar. March 2017. I had already enjoyed an amazing day exploring the gorgeous Gibraltar Nature Reserve. There had been so much to take in, including splendorous views over Gibraltar Strait and the ruins of the Moorish Castle. Moreover, I’d gotten a look at the territory’s fascinating World War II tunnels, crossed the […]

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Travel Report: Gibraltar Nature Reserve.

Gibraltar Nature Reserve. March 2017. In the spring of 2017 my yearlong adventure living in the Spanish city of Malaga was drawing to a close. I had accepted a new teaching post in Zhejiang Province, China, thus I was busy tying up a million and one loose ends before I left.  On my weekends, I’d […]

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Unwinding in Georgioupolis, Crete.

Unwinding in Georgioupolis, Crete. September 2011.  Have you ever thought about what kind of traveller you are? They say there are around five classic types, if you buy into that sort of thing. The Adventurer, for example, is all about pulse-raising activities like wind surfing, hang gliding and bouldering. Nah, that’s not me. I’m certainly […]

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Travel Report: Prasat Pram Temple, Koh Ker.

Prasat Pram Temple, Koh Ker, Cambodia. June 2020. The final stop of our day exploring Koh Ker’s ancient ruins came at Prasat Pram Temple. By this point we were exhausted, hot and thoroughly drenched in our own sweat. Consequently, we felt more than ready to head home, where a cold shower and swimming pool awaited […]

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Travel Report: The Black Lady Temple, Koh Ker.

The Black Lady Temple, Koh Ker, Cambodia. June 2020. It had been a long, fruitful morning exploring the isolated temple ruins of Koh Ker. Now, edging into the unforgiving temperatures of early afternoon, Sladja and I found ourselves at the day’s penultimate stop. We’d been looking forward to this one, mostly due to its curious […]

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Travel Report: Prasat Chrap Temple, Koh Ker.

Prasat Chrap Temple, Koh Ker. June 2020. It was mid afternoon by the time we rolled up at Prasat Chrap Temple. This was our eighth ancient structure of what had been a fantastic day exploring the isolated ruins of Koh Ker. Jumping out of the car, we made our way towards the entrance, where the sound of […]

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Prasat Banteay Pir Chaon Temple, Koh Ker.

Prasat Banteay Pir Chaon Temple, Koh Ker. June 2020. Even within the isolated and less visited temple complex of Koh Ker, Prasat Banteay Pir Chaon Temple stands as a particularly ignored structure. In many ways, there is little to set it apart from the more standard temple ruins we’ve seen throughout Cambodia. Nevertheless, there were […]

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Travel Report: Prasat Krachap Temple, Koh Ker.

Prasat Krachap Temple, Koh Ker, Cambodia. *With five more Koh Ker temples to go, I’ve decided to publish the remaining ruins over the next consecutive five days. These are the smaller and less visited of Koh Ker’s ancient structures, thus they are mini articles, if you will. Happy temple hunting!*  —— June 2020. After the dramatic […]

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