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Travel Report: The Strand Restaurant, Kep.

The Strand Restaurant, Kep. —— August 2020. Sometimes the most memorable travel experiences are the ones that come completely out of the blue. That place you didn’t even know existed. The one you ended up stumbling upon when your plan A didn’t work out. This is precisely what happened to Sladja and I one evening in […]

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Travel Report: Rabbit Island, Cambodia.

Rabbit Island, Cambodia. —— August 2020. It felt great to be finally taking our foot off the gas. While we had enjoyed all our field trips across Kep, for the most part each adventure had been quite the physical demand. From The Crab Market and the abandoned villas to Kep National Park and Samathi Pagoda, […]

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Travel Report: Samathi Pagoda, Kep.

Samathi Pagoda, Kep, Cambodia. —— August 2020. After a somewhat disappointing afternoon hiking around Kep National Park, I found myself letting out a sigh of relief when our tuk tuk rumbled to a halt outside Samathi Pagoda. “Yes, we made it!” From the moment Sladja and I spotted its orange-gold roof sticking out of the […]

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Travel Report: Kep National Park, Cambodia.

Kep National Park. —— August 2020. It was another Monday afternoon in Cambodia, which meant we were back in a tuk tuk for the forty minute drive into Kep from Kampot. After our adventures exploring Kep Beach, the abandoned colonial mansions and the Crab Market, our next project was an afternoon hike through Kep National […]

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Travel Report: Kep Crab Market, Cambodia.

Kep Crab Market. —— December 2015 & August 2020. It was late afternoon and the weather was not improving. While the rain had finally died out, there was now a blustery wind cutting in from the sea as we approached Kep Crab Market from the road that winds around the cliffs. With our arch nemesis […]

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Travel Report: The Abandoned Villas of Kep.

The Abandoned Villas of Kep. —— August 2020. There was a light patter of rainfall as Sladja and I climbed into the tuk tuk. The sky had been threatening this all morning, but had fortunately held off during our explorations of Kep Beach. Now, at least, we had a roof over our heads. “You want […]

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Travel Report: Kool Kampot Guesthouse, Kampot.

Kool Kampot Guesthouse, Kampot. —— July-September, 2020. I’m sure Sladja and I will never forget our first chaotic days in Kampot. As digital nomads with very specific accommodation needs, it often felt like our entire Cambodian adventure saw us perpetually on the edge of professional disaster. We make our money from blogging and teaching, both […]

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Travel Report: Where to Eat and Drink, Kampot.

Where to Eat and Drink, Kampot. —— August 2020. Following individual articles on Bookish Bazaar, Cafe Espresso and Hotel Old Cinema and Tertulia Restaurant here’s my bumper roundup of all the other food and drink spots we visited during our two month stay in the Cambodian city of Kampot. There are countless coffee joints in Kampot. But […]

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Travel Report: Hotel Old Cinema, Kampot.

Hotel Old Cinema, Kampot. —— August 2020. Of all the places Sladja and I dined at during our time in Kampot, nowhere could match the charm and atmosphere of Hotel Old Cinema. Dating back to the 1930s, the building began life as a Chinese theatre called Maison de theatre le grandeur. During its golden years, they put […]

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