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Travel Report: Dunollie Castle Museum, Oban.

July 2019. It was a stunning summer’s afternoon in Oban as Natalie and I made our way down the nature path towards Dunollie Castle Museum. Another Scottish castle for the Leighton Travels back catalogue then, although this one was certainly different from anything I’d seen before. In fact, the main draw here is the lovely […]

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Travel Report: Beoraid Cemetery, Morar, Scotland.

June 2019. Beoraid Cemetery is just a few minutes drive from Our Lady of Perpetual Succour & St Cumin’s Church near the Scottish town of Morar. With virtually zero information online to provide a historical overview, I was happy to be led by brother-in-law Thomas. In fact, he’d been here before and knew of a notable […]

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Travel Report: Our Lady of Perpetual Succour & St Cumin’s Church – Morar, Scotland.

June 2019. There are some truly lovely spots in and around The Silver Sands of Morar, near the Scottish village of Morar. After an hour wandering up and down the sands, we jumped back into the car and made the twelve minute drive to Our Lady of Perpetual Succour & St Cumin’s Church. Overlooking Loch […]

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Travel Report: The Silver Sands of Morar, Scotland.

June 2019. When the sun is shining and the sky is blue, I swear Scotland might just be the most beautiful country on Planet Earth. Think of the world’s most stunning beaches and I’m guessing most people wouldn’t find a place for Scotland. When I thought about my own most cherished beach locations, my mind […]

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Travel Report: The Commando Memorial, Scotland.

July 2019. It was a summer’s afternoon in Scotland, but hell you wouldn’t have known it. Spackles and I were driving down the A82 on the way to Loch Ness when, suddenly, he announced an unplanned pitstop. “The Commando Memorial is just over there!” he said, straining his eyes at the rain-splattered windscreen. Just a […]

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Travel Report: Fort William Town Centre, Scotland.

May 2019. Poor old Fort William. As a town it’s always had a bad rap. And for the most part, it only has itself to blame. I’ve always wondered why the town is so uncompromisingly grey and neglected. And why it falls so short in terms of sights, stores and general services. After all, this is […]

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Travel Report: The Witch’s Trails, Scotland.

June 2019. When it comes to hiking, you really are spoilt for choice around Fort William. Having exhausted Banavie’s excellent walking options, I jumped at the chance of something different one Sunday morning. It was my brother-in-law Thomas who suggested The Witch’s Trails. Located throughout Leanachan Forest at the foot of Ben Nevis, the trails […]

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Travel Report: The West Highland Museum, Scotland.

June 2019. Fort William Town Centre isn’t blessed with an abundance of sights. However, the High Street is much improved from the incredibly drab, run down place it was when I first came here in 2002. Moreover, there are a handful of charming spots worth visiting if one makes the effort to poke around. The main […]

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