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Travel Report: Kool Kampot Guesthouse, Kampot.

Kool Kampot Guesthouse, Kampot. July-September, 2020. I’m sure Sladja and I will never forget our first chaotic days in Kampot. As digital nomads with very specific accommodation needs, it often felt like our entire Cambodian adventure saw us perpetually on the edge of professional disaster. We make our money from blogging and teaching, both of […]

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Travel Report: Where to Eat and Drink, Kampot.

Where to Eat and Drink, Kampot. August 2020. Following individual articles on Bookish Bazaar, Cafe Espresso and Hotel Old Cinema and Tertulia Restaurant here’s my bumper roundup of all the other food and drink spots we visited during our two month stay in the Cambodian city of Kampot. There are countless coffee joints in Kampot. But if […]

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Travel Report: Bookish Bazaar, Kampot.

Bookish Bazaar, Kampot. August 2020. There’s a well-worn saying about sleepy towns that goes something like: “It’s small and relaxed, but has everything you need”. Unfortunately, this doesn’t apply to the charming Cambodian outpost of Kampot. In fact, one of the things that struck me during our two month stay is how, if we lived here, […]

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Travel Report: Cafe Espresso, Kampot.

Cafe Espresso, Kampot. August 2020. During our first weeks in Kampot, Sladja and I spent a good chunk of time exploring the local coffee scene. Before long, there was a name that kept cropping up again and again. In online comment threads, through face to face recommendations and in overheard snippets of conversations, it swiftly […]

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Travel Report: Tertulia Restaurant, Kampot.

Tertulia Restaurant, Kampot. July 2020. It was our first night in the Cambodian city of Kampot and Sladja and I were strolling though the old town. Following the success of our guide on Where to Eat and Drink in Siem Reap, we couldn’t help but wonder if Kampot’s culinary landscape would hold its own. As […]

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Travel Report: Cool Spots Around Kampot.

Cool Spots Around Kampot. July-September 2020. Most travellers only spend a few days in the city of Kampot, using it as a base for nearby Bokor National Park. Indeed the majority of blog articles focuses exclusively on the park and a scattering of other provincial sites, such as La Plantation. One advantage of spending two […]

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Travel Report: Phnom Chhngok Cave Temple, Kampot.

Phnom Chhngok Cave Temple, Kampot. September 2020. Sladja and I had been holed up in our guesthouse room for the better part of a week when we started to become agitated. We needed to get out, stretch our legs and cross another sight off our Kampot to-do list. Scanning our notes, I found my eyes […]

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Travel Report: The Praek Tuek Chhu River, Kampot.

The Praek Tuek Chhu River, Kampot. August 2020. There’s a charming languor to the Cambodian city of Kampot. On my first visit here with Wonderboy in 2015, we both remarked on how it felt more like a small town than a city. The kind of place where you can (and we did) while away an […]

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Travel Report: Nibi Spa, Kampot.

Nibi Spa, Kampot. August, 2020. I’ve always been into massage and spas. As a born worrier and chronic overthinker, I need these kinds of treatments to restore some physical and mental balance. Looking back, these chill out days represent some of my most memorable travel experiences. I recall fondly my day at a traditional hammam […]

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Travel Report: La Plantation Pepper Farm, Kampot.

La Plantation Pepper Farm, Kampot. September 2020. Who would have thought that the less-trodden province of Kampot in Cambodia is home to some of the world’s best pepper farms? It’s something to do with the mineral rich soil and the intensity of the rainy season, among other factors. Venture out of Kampot’s sleepy city centre […]

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